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Kim Yeomans of St Martin of Tours Primary School in Rosanna has allowed Bright Ideas to gain insights in to the development of her library blog.

Kim says:

I did the SLAV Web 2.0 course last year and decided this year to set up a blog for our LRC. The LRC already has an active presence on our school intranet but I felt the blog and Web 2.0 tools might let me do a little more. The Library already has a MyClasses page (intranet), but I was looking for other engaging ways to share what we do in the LRC and promote reading.  The Web 2.0 online course offered by SLAV last year introduced me to many new and exciting tools.  Attending the SLAV conference with Will Richardson earlier this year provided the impetus to actually begin our LRC Blog in mid February.


The main aims of our LRC Blog are to

  • Share the activities and learning we do in the LRC
  • Promote books and reading
  • Encourage students to participate in an online community
  • Introduce students to appropriate Web 2.0 tools
  • Develop student understanding of a global classroom

 It has been really encouraging seeing the students embrace the blog and add their comments.  Even our Principal who is on Enrichment Leave is contributing her learning on our blog and adding dots to our ClustrMap!  I have found Slideshare and Animoto are great Web 2.0 tools that enable us to share our work. This term I’ve added to our blog with the New LRC and Websites pages.  I am currently trialing SimplyBox for our website collections (even though it is blocked at school) because it is simple for me to set up and visually easy for the students to use at home. 

Ripper reads - student comments
Ripper reads – student comments

Our LRC Blog is evolving along with my own skills and knowledge and will continue to do so to meet the needs and interests of both the students and our Library program.  It is trial and error seeing what works on our blog, but I’m really enjoying the process!

Congratulations to Kim on inspiring both students and staff to become a part of the Web 2.0 world! Well done Kim.  (Don’t forget that Kim had previously shared some excellent photos of previous Book Week displays that might prove inspirational.)

7 thoughts on “Feature blog St Martin of Tours – Rosanna

  1. Hi Kim
    I loved your SMOT blog and it has inspired me to set one up here at Our Holy Redeemer. My intranet page is well used, but I am craving more interactivity. With only meagre knowledge of Web2.0 tools it will be a baptism of fire!
    May I use some of your ideas to get started?
    Wish me luck!!
    Leone Gole

  2. Hi Leone

    Thank you for coming to visit our SMOT LRC Blog! I’m glad that it has inspired you to set up your own LRC blog – you will love it and so will your students!

    Our LRC blog has given me a whole new world to explore and I’m still learning and trialling things! I really enjoy the interaction I have with my students through our blog and they love contributing with comments, illustrations, ideas, class work etc and keep a very close eye on our visitor stats.

    You are welcome to adapt ideas from our SMOT blog and
    I am happy to help you in any way if you need assistance. I hope you will let me know when I can come and visit Our Holy Redeemer’s LRC blog…

    Good luck and have fun Leone!!

    Kim 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Yeomans,
    I am in hot, sunny Queensland at the moment and loving it! However it is my last day here so I am making the best of it. I wanted to mention that I am reading a book by J.K Rowling it is called Quidditch Through The Ages it’s about the history of the game and where the Golden Snitch came from.

    I’ll show it to you when I come back.
    Stay well Alexandra Russell 5S.

  4. Dear Miss Y, You are the best library teacher in the whole world. Thanks for teaching us. You taught me how to read books. From Adam T 3by

  5. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    At my local library, it started a reading club. It was called the ” summer reading club- scare up a good book”. The winner will get a IPAD! So far I don’t think I’m going too well.
    Anyway, at least I am having a go.
    At the party,that was held at the end of the club, was fantastic! There was plenty of laughter and games. There was a little competition for “Who can dance the silliest”.
    I won it and I got a giftcard from smiggle worth 20 dollars.

    So then, wish me luck at my new school!

    from sachit

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