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Victorian Northern Metropolitan Region  Ultranet Coach Anesti Anestis has agreed to share a VELS wiki he has been developing.

VELS ICT wiki homepage
VELS ICT wiki homepage

Anesti explains:

Paula Christophersen, ICT Curriculum Manager, VCAA and her team has released a range of new resources and support materials on the VELS website that is designed to support the application of ICT in learning and teaching programs. It is a very comprehensive list of ideas for Prep through to Year 10. There are many practical resources that schools, ICT teachers and classroom teachers can use. Another useful link that may support our understanding of the role of ICT in the curriculum and its interdisciplinary nature is here:

VELS Primary and scope and sequence
VELS Primary and scope and sequence

He continues:

This wiki is a community effort to share some “teacher friendly” resources for the VELS ICT domain. In addition we hope to add links to lots of useful resources from the web to aid in its implementation.

Please use the discussion tab above if you have comments or suggestions. Or just jump right in and start adding to the pages.

We are collecting a large number of ICT documents from many schools and cluster educators and placing them in the resources section. We will use these documents as the basis for collaborating on the wiki.

Secondary scope and sequence
Secondary scope and sequence

You will also find that there are examples of Scope and Sequence for both Primary and Secondarylevels. Here schools have been invited to share what they have been doing and add links to documentation so that other interested teachers have easy access to support materials.

Another excellent wiki Anesti. Thank you for your work and for sharing with the readers of Bright Ideas.

2 thoughts on “VELS ICT resources

  1. Thank you for the credit but it would be remiss not to mention the brain child of this wiki – The ICT GUY Darryl Branson. His original thinking bought together educators in 2007 and built the platform for us to work from.

  2. Thanks for this information. I have had a quick look around the site and also passed it on the our Head of Curriculum.It looks to be developing into a useful source of information

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