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WebTools4u2use is an excellent wiki created by American ‘school library media specialists (teacher librarians) for school library media specialists’.


Listing a host of web 2.0 tools by category, the wiki has a few innovative features such as:

  • Five to test drive (the best five tools in each category)
  • More to explore (further tools in each category)
  • Ideas for using the tools in the library
  • Tutorials – how to use the tools
  • More information on how some schools are using the tools.
Meet the tools
Meet the tools

 This wiki is both an attractive and user friendly resource that takes the hard work out of selecting the best web 2.o tools for school libraries.

A big thank you to Helen Boelens for forwarding this site.

2 thoughts on “Web tools 4 u 2 use

  1. Thank you, Helen, for the recommendation…and thank you SLAV for the post. Special thanks to WebTools2Use member msimkin for bring it to my attention!

    One of the newer features was suggested by a Twitter user: RUBRICS for using the tools with students.

    What a great blog, BTW! I’ve already gotten several great ideas and have added “Bright Ideas” it to my list of blogs I’m watching (via your RSS feed!) I’ve also added it to the blog examples on the WebTools4UsUse wiki:


    Thank YOU teacher librarians for all you do in Victoria, the US and all around the world!

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