Indigenous Literacy Day

Wednesday 2 September is Indigenous Literacy Day.

Indigenous Literacy Project website homepage
Indigenous Literacy Project website homepage

From the Indigenous Literacy Project website comes the following information:

On Wednesday September 2 2009 all Australians are invited to participate in the third Indigenous Literacy Day. ILD aims to help raise urgently needed funds to address the literacy crisis in remote Indigenous communities. 

What will happen on ILD

  • Indigenous Literacy Day events will be held across Australia.
  • Participating publishers will donate 5% or more of their takings from titles invoiced on September 2 2009.
  • Participating booksellers will donate 5% or more of their takings from September 2 2009.   Booksellers can also donate to ILP.
  • Bookshops and schools will initiate different awareness raising events in their local communities to support Indigenous Literacy Day.
  • Schools can participate in The Great Book Swap, or other fundraising activities.
  • Businesses are invited to pause at work and read to support Indigenous literacy and make a gold coin donation.   Businesses can also participate in The Great Book Swap.
  •  Individuals can help by attending activities in their local area; buying a book at a participating bookshop on September 2 2009, getting involved in their local Great Book Swap or organising their own private fundraising literary lunches and morning teas. 

The website also has ideas for schools and although it may be too late to organise much for 2009, there are some simple ideas that can be implemented. Perhaps this is the time to plan to make ILD part of your Literacy and Numeracy celebrations in 2010? 


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