The Wizard of Apps

If anyone doubted the absolute brilliance of US teacher librarian Dr Joyce Valenza (as if they could!), then this presentation and accompanying information will make them join us believers.

Dr Valenza has produced a creative and engaging presentation for the 2009 K12 Online Conference Getting Started Keynote. Entitled The Wizard of Apps, this video will influence my professional practice for years to come. Discussing how students can stay safe online, Dr Valenza also showcases many Web 2.0 tools that can be moulded into effective ‘information skills’; that is, how students can and should find and organise the best online information.

Running at just over 50 minutes, it is certainly an excellent investment of time. You may wish to share the video and links with teaching colleagues and/or your personal learning network. (Loved the way students and teachers collaborated on the production of the video.)

4 thoughts on “The Wizard of Apps

  1. This was my absolute favorite K-12 session of the 2009 year. Such creativity, getting the kids involved in the video was genius. I really enjoy all of the apps highlighted, the way that they were presented was fantastic!

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