Bringing experts into your classroom

It can often be problematic for students to gain access to authors and other experts in their field due to location, cost, time, travel and other issues. Technologies such as Skype can help. The ability to make free calls computer to computer with the added bonus of video conferencing if users have webcams has been a boon for schools.

But Skype is not the only method available. Richard Byrne’s (@rmbyrne) wonderful Free Technology for Teachers blog outlines three other free methods for Bringing Experts into Your Classroom:

Go to the Free Technology for Teachers post Bringing Experts into Your Classroom for some fabulous free tools to explore, thanks to Richard Byrne.

3 thoughts on “Bringing experts into your classroom

  1. I enjoyed Richard’s suggestions for alternative ways to invite experts into the classroom. We have every tool and site avialble and unblocked except for Skype (and this week iLearn Technology and These are great ways to provide access to experts without using Skype.

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  3. Sometimes the experts cannot make it to the classroom and this is the best way to do it. Knocking down walls is something that all teachers need to consider as they try to have their students experience the outside world.

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