The 3 Rs or the 4 Cs?

Most of us were either brought up with or have heard of the three Rs as being central to education;

  • reading,
  • (w)riting and
  • (a)rithmatic.

The Libraries and Transliteracy blog suggest that we should now be focusing on the four Cs;

  • critical thinking and problem solving,
  • communication,
  • collaboration and
  • creativity and innovation

This certainly makes sense as the focus for education in the 21st Century. Can we make the general public, the media (and some schools) understand this as well as they have the three Rs in the past? To read the whole post, please go to 21st Century Workers Require New Skills, it is well worth perusing.

6 thoughts on “The 3 Rs or the 4 Cs?

  1. The original three Rs were actually:

    (W)riting and
    Reckoning (a Victorian term for mental arithmetic)


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  3. Of course, reading and writing are essential for communication and collaboration, and maths is a good training ground for critical thinking and problem solving.

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