Games in Education

Games in Education is a brilliant wiki by Adrian Camm (educator, innovator, presenter). As Camm says on the site, “Using gaming as a vehicle for learning is a very powerful idea and one that is under-utilised”. Gaming is possibly under-utilised because many eductors do not know the games that will help students learn and be something that the students are interested in playing. Enter Games in Education. The wiki provides lists of games to suit particular learning areas, such as mathematics, literacy, and global issues. Suggested year levels for each game, how the game relates to the curriculum, and links to further information make this wiki such a great resource. Have a look at the ‘Game Creation Tools’ to get your students creative juices really flowing. Camm also includes current research into gaming and education. You can add to this wiki and if you have any questions Camm provides his contact email on the main page. So, no excuses. Let your students and yourself have some fun, and get gaming.  

Games in Education

2 thoughts on “Games in Education

  1. I am interested to learn more abour wikis and using games constructively in education, but when I click on the above link I can’t seem to get into the Games in Education, but a subscription page for wikis, which i don’t really understand. Help please!

    • Hi Jan,
      I have had a look at the links on the post, and for me all are going to Adrian’s Games in Education wiki ( (except the one about Adrian himself). When you get into this wiki, the navigation bar on the left provides games for different KLAs and research into using games in education. Please let me know if you are still having difficulty.

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