Online Referencing Generator

Shaozhuo Wan, Carol Grantham and Silvana Jenkins from The School Library Association of South Australia  (SLASA) have developed Online Referencing Generator.

Online Referencing Generator

The generator uses the Harvard author-date system and supports junior school, middle school, and senior school. This resource would be a valuable asset for any teacher and student, and would be great to have as a resource available on a library website. If you want to add an Online Referencing Generator button to your site, go to SLASA’s website and follow the link.

One thought on “Online Referencing Generator

  1. Hello Rachel
    I notice that SASLA have recently added a subscription for access to the Referencing Generator for non-SA schools. It’s understandable that these tools must be self-sustaining, however, I think it will limit its use outside of SA.

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