If you think your class would like to connect with other classes around the world, then ClassChats may be for you.


The website explains more:

There are plenty of reasons to join – chief among them is that you will become a member of a world wide community of educators. is a great way to teach your students about social networking in a safe educational environment, meet educators from around the world, share ideas and collaborate on lessons. Site membership is FREE, now and forever!

The about page elaborates even further: is striving to become an online social network of educators. After seeing how a third grade teacher was able to engage her students through the use of video chat we decided to create a site which would help other educators connect in a similar fashion. Out site contains audio\video chat functionality, shared resources, an interactive whiteboard, blogs, forums and more.

We know that students learn best through being connected, so ClassChats could be an excellent way to foster such connections.

Vicki Davis – @coolcatteacher passed on this link to ClassChats. Thanks Vicki!