World War I centenary resources

With the centenary of the First World War set to begin in July this year, many institutions will be launching new sites, programs and resources for schools. But there’s already a lot out there to explore.

Locally, the Australian War Memorial is a key institution when looking at the Great War and the history of ANZAC. They also have an education blog which includes mystery objects, details of new resources, acquisitions and personal stories from the collection. The ANZAC Centenary website from the Victorian Government and the existing ANZAC website from the Department of Veteran Affairs are also great resources looking at the Australian experience of WWI.

For a different perspective, the BBC’s Schools WWI site is a wonderful resource to explore Britain’s involvement and includes relevant media from their archive. The British Library’s WWI site has over 500 primary sources and articles from experts and academics looking at what life was like at the time. The British Library is also a contributor to the Eurpeana 1914-1918 site which provides collection materials, commentary and perspectives from different collections all over Europe. The National Archives UK WWI website is also a beautiful resource including personal diaries and an extensive collection of digitised material.

The American broadcaster PBS also has an interesting website from their documentary series The Great War  and the Shaping of the 20th Century.

These resources are just a taste of what is currently available and many more resources, digitising projects, programs and events are likely to begin mid 2014.






Digital China

D-Lib Magaine: the magazine of digital library research has just released the May/June 2010 edition. The current edition features articles and information on digital collections from China. Topics such as

  • The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China, 1933–1946
  • Special Issue on Digital Libraries in China
  • Overview of Digital Library Development in China
  • Building the New-generation China Academic Digital Library Information System (CADLIS): A Review and Prospectus
  • China National Science and Technology Digital Library (NSTL)
  • The National Digital LIbrary Project

will prove informative and engaging for anyone interested in the way China is developing its digital libraries.

Interested parties may subscribe to this online magazine for free.