International Digital Entertainment Festival

Hamish Curry, the Library & Online Learning Manager, Learning Services at the State Library of Victoria has kindly sent the following information:

I’d like to bring to your attention the programs we’re delivering for the International Digital Entertainment Festival (iDEF).

The full¬†list of programs we’re delivering is available here, but highlights include –

  • Friday Oct 30 – two schools programs featuring speakers Vincent Trundle from ACMI, and Dr Joanne O’Mara from Deakin Uni highlighting her research into ‘Literacy in the digital world of the 21st century: learning from computer games’
  • Friday Oct 30 – a free screening of the gaming doco Second Skin, which will be its first screening in Australia, andintroduced by the Director Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza. ¬†
  • Saturday Oct 31 – a presentation about game development from the organisers of Freeplay
  • Saturday Oct 31 – SYN and FReeZa present their 1Up Youth Gaming Tournament.
  • Sunday Nov 1 – a forum ‘I’m a gamer and proud of it!‘ featuring James Dominguez from Screenplay, and Anna Dunne from Australian Gamer and Channel 31 show Level 3.

Certainly seems like lots of relevant and interesting sessions! Thanks Hamish for passing on the information.