International School Library Month (ISLM)

October is International School Library Month. The theme for 2010 is Diversity, Challenge, Resilience: School libraries have it all. The ISLM coordinator is Marie O’Brien from Australia and International School Library Day is October 25.

ISLMonth Logo

The ISLM bookmark project is running again and the IASL website will be showcasing what people are doing for ISLM. The IASL website states:

What people are doing for ISLM 2010

Send in your submissions for “What people are doing for ISLM 2010” by email to the IASL Web Manager, Karen Bonanno.

Subject line: ISLM activities

Include in your email message the following information:

  • Country
  • Name
  • Title of your position
  • School or organisation
  • Brief outline of the ISLM activity
  • Web link, if appropriate

If sending images to accompany your report on ISLM activities please send them as .jpg or .gif. Keep them as small as possible, example 240 x 180 dimensions, as large files will slow down the display of the web page

Please note: Submissions received after 31 October 2010 may not be included on the ISLM “What people are doing for ISLM 2010” web pages

Logos and resources such as posters and maps can be downloaded from the IASL website. Looking forward to reading about and viewing pictures of the celebrations!

ISLM Bookmark Project update

Rick Mulholland, the International School Library Month Bookmark coordinator, is seeking more participants for the project:

Once again the ISLM committee is organizing a bookmark exchange project. Currently, we have a shortage of participants from outside of North America.

The details of this projects is as follows:

The ISLM Bookmark Project involves matched schools making homemade bookmarks (any style, shape etc. – be creative) that reflects International School Library Month’s theme of:

School Libraries: The Big Picture

The bookmarks must be mailed to your matched school in October 2009.

If you would like to become involved in this project, you will need to send the following information to the bookmark coordinator:

– your school’s name

– your school’s location (city , state/province/ country)

– the grade/age level of the students to be involved

– number of students involved (this is very important to ensure that you are matched to a school of similar size)

– the contact information (name and email address – include an alternative one where you can be reached during any school holidays)

Every few weeks until early September 2009, a new list of schools will be sent to the participating schools to choose a match.

For more information or to add your name to the list of participating
schools, contact:

Rick Mulholland

Bookmark coordinator

Rick’s message was kindly forwarded by Helen Boelens, who explains how she is implementing the project:

I am doing my best to encourage school in Europe to take part.  It is a nice project which gets children to look outside their own national borders. 

A good, fun project that gives students a broader view of other countries and cultures.

ISLM posters

Thanks to Rick Mulholland (ISLM coordinator) for the following text:

The International School Library Month committee is pleased to announce that the 2009 ISLM posters are available for downloading on the IASL website.

This year we have two versions of posters for your celebrations. We have one with a young student and the other with an older student.

Please visit http://www.iasl- events/islm/ islm-resources. htm to download your posters.

Also, see the above website for details on how you can obtain a copy of the poster in both English and your language.