Ready to create your own podcasts? Audacity is a tried and tested application that will help users to create  podcasts for student or professional learning.

Audacity has to be downloaded and installed onto the computer you wish to record from. Once installed, upon opening Audacity, it can look unfriendly to the first time user. However, help is at hand. There is Online help as well as a wiki that gives you tips and tricks to getting the best out of Audacity. And thanks to John Pearce from Salty Solutions, here is a guide to ‘Getting started with Audacity’. It explains all you’ll need to start podcasting today.

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  1. Hi Judith and everyone,

    If you are keen on podcasts you may like to check out the work of Kristin Fontichario, an American TL, she has done a lot of work creating podcasts of all kinds with her primary aged clientele and written books on the subject. Last year she wrote an overview article for issue two of Synergy titled ‘From dragons to castles: How a 2.0 culture transformed a book space into ‘our library’ ‘. She is very inspiring and offers lots of practical hints.



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