It’s not about the tools, it’s about the skills

Author of the wonderful award winning Langwitches blog Silvia Tolisano (Twitter name is @langwitches), has written a must-read post. Looking at the advent of Web 2.0 and the way it is perceived by parents, Tolisano addresses the skills developed and used by students in using tools such as blogs, creating podcasts and adding to wikis rather than the tools themselves. To read this post, go to Silvia’s blog now!


Ready to create your own podcasts? Audacity is a tried and tested application that will help users to create  podcasts for student or professional learning.

Audacity has to be downloaded and installed onto the computer you wish to record from. Once installed, upon opening Audacity, it can look unfriendly to the first time user. However, help is at hand. There is Online help as well as a wiki that gives you tips and tricks to getting the best out of Audacity. And thanks to John Pearce from Salty Solutions, here is a guide to ‘Getting started with Audacity’. It explains all you’ll need to start podcasting today.


AudioBoo is an audio blogging site that uses mobile phones as a recording device. At present only iPhones and iPod touch can access AudioBoo as an app. Recorded Boos can be accessed via the AudioBoo website or links from sites like Twitter .

AudioBoo homepage

AudioBoo homepage

Although in the initial stages on development, and as such the website is a bit messy, interested people can subscribe to Boos through RSS. Boos can also be embedded into blogs and wikis via an embed code similar to YouTube embed codes.

Here is a Boo by Stephen Fry:

AudioBoo could have as many different learning applications as podcasts, but with the ease of uploading quickly and easily via mobile phone. It seems that the Boos on the website are all fairly short at present and so seem to be a Twitter style ‘microaudioblog’ or is that ‘audiomicroblog’?

And isn’t is so nice to hear a lovely voice like Stephen Fry’s?

AudioBoo people are currently in the development stage of users being able to record via any mobile or landline phone. Here’s hoping for the ability to record directly from a computer!

A Pod of Poets – Podcasting by the ABC

Thanks to Nicola Fern, Marketing Manager of ABC Radio National for the following information.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has partnered with ABC Radio National’s  Poetica program and the Australia Council for the Arts to bring listeners of their regular Poetica program ‘A Pod of Poets’. Eleven programs feature Australian poets speaking about their writing and reading some pieces to the audience.

Each of the forty minute podcasts can be found on the ‘A Pod of Poets’  website. The website also contains transcripts, photographs and biographical information on each poet. ABC Radio National is also broadcasting these programs on air on Saturdays at 3pm (repeats Thursdays 3pm) throughout 2009. The first program airs on Radio National on Saturday 14th February at 3pm. Podcasts are available now.

Poets featured include Robert Adamson, Les Murray, Joanne Burns, John Kinsella, Gen X-Y (Josephine Rowe, Craig Billingham, L.K. Holt and Aidan Coleman), Jayne Fenton Keane, Samuel Wagan Watson and Martin Harrison parts 1 and 2, Kathryn Lomer and Esther Ottaway, John Clarke and Jordie Albiston.   

The ABC intend to keep the ‘A Pod of Poets’ website live for an extended period of time.

This is a fantastic resource for students and teachers interested in and/or studying Australian contemporary poetry.