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A number of people contributed places to find book trailers via OZTL_NET. Here they are in one place:

TrailerSpy – thanks to Ruth Buchanan.

Twilight # 2 – New Moon (Stephenie Meyer) thanks to Ruth Buchanan.




CMIS trailer Tuesdays thanks to Judi Jagger. 

Whitefriars College book trailers

Jacketflap thanks to Barbara Braxton

On the topic of book trailers, local teen publisher Ford Street have a set of YouTube ads created by a fan who loves making trailers:

 Crime Time by Sue Bursztynski

My Private Pectus by Shane Thamm

Trust Me! edited by Paul Collins, foreword by Isobelle Carmody
The Spell of Undoing by Paul Collins
Before the Storm by Sean McMullen
Finding Home  by Gary Crew, illustrated by Susy Boyer

Ice-cream man by Jenny Mounfield:

Crossing the Line by Dianne Bates:

They Told Me I Had To Write This by Kim Miller

Sean McMullen speaks about Before the Storm

As with anything you show students, please remember to vet all book trailers first.

2 thoughts on “Book trailers

  1. The other possible source of ‘moving pictures’ on books is author/publisher/series websites. For example, Scott Westerfeld’s site has several videos:
    and the Skulduggery Pleasant site has a personalisable video:

    Also, when looking for book-related film trailers, don’t forget ones for films that have already been released, for the ‘visual’ they give on a book. What could be old hat to the longer memory of an adult TL may be fresh as a daisy to students, particularly if the film is more than a couple of years old when they may have been too young/oblivious to have noticed it then. YouTube offers many possibilities: I recently showed a 1958 Dracula trailer to a class of boys who REALLY enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Ruth

    I’m really knew to the world of book trailers but I love your idea of using something old to inspire the young. You are correct. Young people love stuff they think is really old.


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