f2m: a collaborative project

Quentaris author and Ford Street Publishing representative Paul Collins recently sent Bright Ideas some information on an interesting way the new YA book f2m was written.

Authors Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy co-wrote the novel and collaborated via Skype using a webcam. By writing together online and using online conferencing, they developed the entire novel using web 2.0 tools. This is a great example of the power of online collaboration for our students. The result is that the writing is seamless; readers cannot tell which author wrote which pages or chapters.

f2m will be launched on 14 February in Melbourne. A media release about the book is available here. The novel is aimed at students aged 15+, it deals with female to male gender transitioning.

Ford Street Publishing also have a number of book trailers on their website.

4 thoughts on “f2m: a collaborative project

  1. This is just another answer I can give to students, teachers and administration when they ask about the relevance of these tool in everyday life. Thanks for sharing the info. Keep up the great work.


  2. Building on our Skype co-authoring via webcam, we’re launching ‘f2m;the boywithin’ in New Zealand, but with a web cam link to the Melbourne co-author. Nz booklaunch details http://www.ryanscottkennedy.com Wed, July 21st 6pm NZ time, 4pm Aus time Unity Bookstore Wellington. Links & reviews at http://www.hazeledwards.com and the e-book version will also be available soon.

    An electronic eductaional innovation: not just saving on airfares.

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