Gliffy is a very cool drawing and drafting tool.  Free access and ease of use will appeal to many users including teachers and students.


With the ability to create:

  • floor plans
  • diagrams
  • flowcharts and
  • technical drawings

there are many possibilities for educational use as well as personal use. Visual Communication students may find it useful to create floor plans and technical drawings while Humanities, Science, Maths and English could take advantage of the flowcharts and diagrams for planning and mindmapping.

Gliffy offers a library with a large range of shapes and items. Once completed, drawings can be exported jpeg and png and files can be shared or published to the internet.

Library staff planning a new or updated library could use the floor plans and anyone designing or building a new home may find the floor plans worth while.

Gliffy has free and premium accounts. The academic account is free.

6 thoughts on “Gliffy

  1. My students enjoy using Gliffy, I have some students who obviously think in mind maps. There minds seem to be organized this way and they take to mind mapping like a duck to water. We had trouble with the version of Inspiration we had working with our operating system. I used Gliffy as a temporary replacement and it has become a permanent replacement. I have been really pleased with it.

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    • Thanks Brad, I will certainly take a look at Lucidchart. I’m particularly interested in how it intergrates with Google Drive.

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