Joyce Valenza recently tweeted about this useful tool. Weblist is:

  • a social listing site that allows users to create smart lists from URLs, photos, music, videos, documents and files.
  • The smart list will then be displayed in thumbnail view for easy browsing, sharing, and organization.
  • Useful or organizing research.


You can also share your weblists and access weblists made by others.

With a very handy tutorial, Weblist is very easy and intuitive to use. The results are attractive and well organised. Some of the weblists already on the site that are suitable for schools include:

An excellent resource with lots of educational applications.

7 thoughts on “Weblist

  1. I have been playing with this and finally written a post about it yesterday. After writing my post I saw Joyce’s post about the tool and she shared a list of her own. After showing one teacher at school some Weblist possibilities, it will be used with students in her class this week. We are getting the students to evaluate sites and create a list for future students studyng the science topic.

  2. I am using this now and I love it. there is an option to create and paste multiple links which is so easy. I like having a visual. Just having a web address does not really jog your memory of what is on that particular site that you bookmarked. I love it and am in the process of putting all my bookmarks there.

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