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A frequent flyer scheme for young readers, Reading Rewards is a site where students, teachers and parents can keep track of books read and offer incentives for reading and reviewing books.

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The site explains more:

How does it work? It’s simple. Kids accumulate ‘RR’ Miles on the site, which they can exchange for fun and sometimes silly things on the site: joke of the day, video of the day (always safe, kid-friendly videos our editors find), mini-games, and more. We even have an RR Store where kids can spend their miles and buy real stuff! Parents or other sponsors can contribute to the store and add their very own rewards for their kids.

How do they accumulate RR Miles? By reading, and telling us what and how much they read! They’ll get bonuses for reviewing their books, and making recommendations to friends.
A fun dashboard gives them a quick view of their friends, their status updates, what they’re reading and how much. This actually makes reading really cool!

As an added bonus, parents and/or other sponsors can set up and track their own reading reward programs. For example, 1 outing to the movies for every 600 minutes reading. It’s up to you!
Teachers can set up a group for their class, and track reading progress individually or as a group. Setting a group target is a fun class motivator, and our interactive chart let’s everyone see how they’re doing! If you like to use reading logs, you’ll love Reading Rewards. Using our online system with built-in parental validations, you can say good-bye to all those sheets of paper…

Reading Rewards declares that it is:

  • A completely safe social network
  • The only people kids can interact with on the site are their friends
  • Parents have to approve all friend connections
  • Parents can see and even edit content published to their kids pages

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We know that peer recommendations are all important, so here is a tool that helps students to share which books they liked (and didn’t like).

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Certainly worth investigating! Thanks to Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers for passing on this link.

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  3. I like that parents and teachers can contribute reading rewards for students to earn. At my school, one of the second grade teachers orders special “This book belongs to:” stamps that are customized with students names that they can use to personalize their books. Students bring their books in to class and share in the library each month. It is easy to find the books for the students to take home each month because they are personalized. This site would be a great way to help her track the reading the kids are doing, and then offer her stamps as a reward.

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