Library tours on Historypin

We recently came a across a great application of Historypin, a tool which lets you attach media to specific locations on a map.

Judith Way has created a virtual tour of Australian (and a few international) school libraries showcasing different approaches to library design and function. It’s a great example of how we can use tools like Historypin to share our learning and expertise with colleagues.

Tools like Pinterest could also be used to showcase library spaces and displays online.

virtual tours 2

You can look at individual libraries, view by location or follow the tour.

virtual tours 3

Even more Pinteresting…

Recently we had a post about Pinterest – a social media platform for pinning images to virtual boards. Pinterest has really taken off, most likely due to the lovely presentation and the way it allows for browsing of images rather than text.

To give you some more inspiration about how you might use Pinterest, we’ve collated a few articles and posts about how Pinterest is being used in libraries and in other fields.

See some examples of how other libraries have used Pinterest at this article: 25 Libraries we love most on Pinterest (OEDB).

Have a look at this Pinterest board put together by Laura Gentry about Libraries using Pinterest.

The fabulous Joyce Valenza recently wrote about how she harnessed the power of Pinterest to overcome her Bulletin board anxiety and search for great library display ideas.

Pinterest also has uses in the field of cultural heritage: Pinterest for Cultural Heritage  (Archives Info).

We hope you can use this collection of ideas as a launch pad for something amazing at your library or classroom. We’d also love to hear how you’ve made use of Pinterest in your work.