Readers Cup Film Festival

Sponsored by School Library Association of Victoria: A competition for Readers in Years 7-8 and 9-10.

Thanks to Sandra Hay for the following information:

Encourage your students to showcase their reading, thinking and creative skills, and have fun doing it.

The Readers Cup Film Festival encourages students to participate in school teams, sharpening their reading and thinking skills and developing their digital publishing capabilities.  The competition focusses on the creation of a digital artefact that reinterprets a story with flair and originality.  Any digital technology can be utilised, such as (but not limited to) PowerPoint, video, mobile phones and entries could include photo-stories, mash-ups, animations, videoed plays, news casts, interviews – *you name it*.

For example, in 2009, one creative school entry was a videoed version of a Reader’s Cup quiz panel.  It’s your choice.

The guidelines for the competition, and the Team Registration form are available on

On Friday 26th November 2010 students work will be showcased at the Readers Cup Film Festival.  This end of year event will encourage audience participation with quizzes, competitions and great prizes to be won. It is a great end-of-year activity and lots of fun.


Please contact Sandra Hay: if you have any queries about the competition or Film Festival.

Readers’ Cup blog

The School Library Association of Victoria has developed a blog to support the running of the Readers’ Cup in Victorian schools.

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Featuring details of entry, rules and procedures, the blog also has links to a number of questions and answers for books for students in years 5 & 5, 7 & 8 and 9 & 10.

Sponsored by FUSE, the Readers Cup is an excellent way to enthuse students about reading, as this year’s State Final involves students making films about the selected books.

Readers Cup

A reminder that registrations for the 2009 Readers Cup Victorian State Final close on Friday 31 July. You don’t need to have run a Readers Cup in your school to participate. You only need to register and enter a team (or teams) that have read the books (and composed a creative piece) by 27 November.  Registration form can be accessed here. Book lists available at

Netvibes @ Preston Girls’ Secondary College

On discovering Netvibes as a result of a previous Bright Ideas post, Preston Girls’ Secondary College teacher librarians Judith Way and Reina Phung couldn’t wait to use it as a resource for students and staff.

Judith says, ‘We had been looking for a Web 2.0 tool where I could incorporate all of the other things we had developed. We needed a central location for all of our blogs, wikis and our Flickr and Delicious accounts. Although Delicious allows us to link sites and describe them, Netvibes gives us the option to incorporate each blog, wiki and other site into our Netvibes homepage. (We also had a problem with our ISP blocking Delicious. This has been an ongoing problem for some months and our IT technician has been liaising with our ISP, but at this moment, to no avail.)’

She explains, ‘Once the blogs, wikis, etc. have been linked to the Netvibes page, the actual sites appear within the page. You can set the size of each “mini page”. Students and staff can then enter their chosen site directly, without a need to click a link or open a new page.’

Judith continues, ‘Netvibes also enables us to dedicate pages for staff and pages for students. We intend to use the widget function to add a calendar so students can see when the Readers Cup is scheduled, when Book Club is due in and when Book Week occurs. Our Netvibes page is linked from our intranet and we plan to promote it by encouraging students to explore it during library orienation sessions, by making and distributing bookmarks with the URL and by introducing Netvibes at a staff meeting.’

Judith also says she found Netvibes relatively quick and easy to use and has even been complemented by the school’s IT technician on her work!

Netvibes can also be used as an RSS reader, so those people using Bloglines, Google Reader or other RSS services may decide to use Netvibes instead. Your RSS feeds can be set as ‘private’ allowing only you to access them.

We look forward to hearing how the staff and students at Preston Girls’ use the site and their thoughts on it.