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SLAV Connects is the blog of the School Library Association of Victoria

If you’d like to contact us about this SLAV Connects blog, please email¬†

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Share your school library news and ideas

Would you like to share the ways you have been using learning tools in your school library? We would love you to share your trials, tribulations and especially successes with the school library community through our blog SLAV Connects.

If you’d like your work to be featured please:

  • Email us with your name, contact details and the web address of the site/s you’d like featured.
  • Allow us to use screen shots of your site on our blog and link to your site.
  • Obtain permission (if necessary) from your school to allow us to feature your site and use screen shots.
  • Write a short piece entailing the processes you have gone through, your aims for the site, how you have marketed your tool/s and how it is being used in your school.
  • Add any other information you like.

We are looking forward to sharing your school library news and ideas.

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