Chatzy is a site that allows users to quickly and easily start their own free and private chat rooms.

Chatzy homepage
Chatzy homepage

All you need to do is fill out a few boxes with your nickname and the email address of the person/people you are inviting. Your friends receive an email with a clickable link. Then you join the chat and away you go.

From Chatzy’s website comes the following details:

  • Chatzy has no registration steps – your friends can join instantly
  • Chatzy is free and has no popup ads
  • Chatzy does not require any installation on your computer (= no spyware)
  • Chatzy works on any PC, with any language and through corporate firewalls
  • Chatzy is simple and easy to use
Chatzy chat
Chatzy chat

Chatzy is a good, no frills way to reflect with colleagues and friends via a back channel when at conferences, professional development and so on.

Thanks to Jenny Luca for the heads up on Chatzy.

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