Moozement could be a great tool to share with your Phys. Ed staff.


It is a way to document and share your sports training program with other people. Users can encourage each other and it is a great way to keep track of training times over a set period of time. Eighty sports are currently catered for, and if your sport is not there, let the developers of Moozement know and they will add it for you.

A great way to incorporate ICT into Phys. Ed.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for covering Moozement in your blog! I’d like to inform you that we’ve “graduated” from (which was our alpha service) to – a more polished beta service around the same ideas.

    Heia (pronounced similarly to “Hey ya” or princess Leia ; ) is a Norwegian sports chant. Our team is from Finland, but we borrowed the chant from our neigbours.

    The idea of our service is to provide a simple and fun sports service for keeping track of your exercises together with friends.

    Olli Oksanen

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