Kids Search: the posters

The prolific and sharing guru that is Joyce Valenza has created two posters to publicise tools that students can use to search the internet. A great idea as there’s much more than just the basic Google search available, although many students might not believe that!

This first poster is for Secondary students; alerting them to the different tools and options that Google provides.

Joyce's poster 1

The second poster is for Primary students and aims to highlight the incredible number of options available to them. Perhaps not all tools are available in your school, but the concept behind the poster is more than useful.

Joyce's poster 2

Thanks to Joyce for her valuable work and her willingness to share, as always.

6 thoughts on “Kids Search: the posters

  1. If you go to Joyce’s website the poster becomes interactive and where ever your mouse points you get pink circles before it links to the particular website.
    Nice …… my kids are going to love this!

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