Fully digitised medieval manuscript at SLV

The first fully digitised medieval manuscript on State Library of Victoria’s (SLV) catalogue took my breath away. It is called The pilgrimage of the lyfe of the manhode ; and, The pilgrimage of the sowle / [anonymous adaptation in English of original by Guillaume, de Deguileville]. The manuscript was published roughly around 1430. It is so amazing to see something so old and so beautiful and to be able to zoom in and examine the calligraphy. Here’s a peek (to examine the manuscript go to here and click on the ‘Web link(s)’ image) :

SLV medieval manuscript

This is a brilliant resource for history teachers. They are able to show medieval history students the ‘real thing’. Students are able to explore the manuscript and look closely at the writing of the period.

There are plenty of other resources on the catalogue that are digitised. To have a basic browse type in ‘digitised manuscripts’ in the search tab of the catalogue and enjoy what you find.

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