FUSE (Find/Use/Share/Education)

FUSE is the DEECD’s (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) centralised portal of online teaching and learning resources for Victorian schools. Teachers and students can search, share, and create learning experiences that use web 2.0 technologies.

All content on the site has been checked for unsuitable material, and is quality assured. The portal has search pages for Early Childhood, Primary Students, Secondary Students, and Teachers. They are appealing to their intended audience and are easy to navigate, such as the Early Childhood page below:

FUSE Early Childhood

FUSE can be looked at and searched by anyone. However, if you are a Victorian teacher you can login to FUSE. Below is a video created by FUSE that explains the benefits of this:

FUSE tutorial 1

By logging in, FUSE becomes a workspace where educators can create resource packages that their class, or anyone, can view 24/7. A resource package created for a particular assignment would have the assignment sheet, an assessment rubric, subject weblinks, and any other relevant material in it. Below is a video by FUSE that explains how to share the packages:

FUSE tutorial 3

Selected organisations have created learning resources that are shared on FUSE. They are designed to connect students, teachers, and educational communities. The features of the new 2010-2011 resources include:

  • ‘intuitive web based graphic interfaces
  • blog and wiki spaces
  • gaming and simulation scenarios
  • social networking opportunities
  • interactivity
  • mobile and phone applicaitons
  • virtual worlds’. 

These resources are fantastic, and next week Bright ideas will be looking at some of the best of them.

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