AudioBoo is an audio blogging site that uses mobile phones as a recording device. At present only iPhones and iPod touch can access AudioBoo as an app. Recorded Boos can be accessed via the AudioBoo website or links from sites like Twitter .

AudioBoo homepage

AudioBoo homepage

Although in the initial stages on development, and as such the website is a bit messy, interested people can subscribe to Boos through RSS. Boos can also be embedded into blogs and wikis via an embed code similar to YouTube embed codes.

Here is a Boo by Stephen Fry:

AudioBoo could have as many different learning applications as podcasts, but with the ease of uploading quickly and easily via mobile phone. It seems that the Boos on the website are all fairly short at present and so seem to be a Twitter style ‘microaudioblog’ or is that ‘audiomicroblog’?

And isn’t is so nice to hear a lovely voice like Stephen Fry’s?

AudioBoo people are currently in the development stage of users being able to record via any mobile or landline phone. Here’s hoping for the ability to record directly from a computer!