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Marcia Phillips, Head of Library and Learning Resources at Ballarat Grammar School (and former Victorian CBC judge) has developed an interesting book blog for students and staff. Marcia explains the inception of the blog:

As a result of undertaking the SLAV Web 2.0 course and enjoying it enormously as well as learning an incredible amount, I decided to start a blog for the Ballarat Grammar Resource Centre.  I first started blogging using our School’s Management system, Scholaris, but found this too restrictive, so I turned to Edublogs back in November, 2008 and started a new blog.  I find Edublogs relatively easy to use and suitable for our needs.  Not everything has worked and some days I cannot fathom why I can’t embed a video or load an image.  I walk away and come back to it at a later date and often, although not always, experience a better result.  However, due to the time that some postings take, I have found it quicker and easier to work from home on the blog.  The speed of my computer at work compared to my home computer means I can accomplish so much more in a shorter space of time.  I blog about what is happening in the Resource Centre, what is new, or a feature an author and their work.  I try to keep my focus on what the students and staff want to know or read about.  As a result it is not a personal account of what I am doing, with the exception of my reading.  I often report on what I have recently read. 

CodeX - The Ballarat Grammar Resource Centre blog

CodeX - The Ballarat Grammar Resource Centre blog

I have signed up students who can write posts although only a few have been active to this point, but I am hopeful more students will agree to contribute to the blog.  The Year 10 English teachers are enthusiastic about show casing their students’ work via this medium and are working on different forms of reviews at present.

I am excited about CodeX and look forward to many more happy years blogging.

Congratulations to Marcia on a fabulous blog that looks appealing and is evolving quickly.