Why use Bright ideas?

As most of you probably know, the School Library Association of Victoria recently offered members a professional development opportunity to complete the ’23 things’ of Web 2.0. The program was a roaring success and SLAV would like to use this blog for library staff to share and support each other in the use of Web 2.0 in schools.

The use of new media has fostered a shift from the dominance of independent study to more collaborative and interactive learning, and Web 2.0 applications are collaborative in nature.

This is reflected in the expectations of VELS where we are looking at students using ICT as a major element of their learning environment, working with others in a collaborative way, creating new knowledge and sharing it with others and with a real audience.

An engaging medium – our students are using it – it’s the information and communication environment in which they operate – and we need to be more than just familiar with this environment.

As Dr Ross Todd says, ‘It’s not about libraries: it’s about learning.’

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  1. Fict.it.ious

    Hi Judith,
    Feel free to use our blog! It’s only in its infancy as yet, and we haven’t had too many comments from students (the vast majority have been our own!), but we hope with some publicity to get them to participate. Heather Carlin and I had so much fun and learned so much from the 23 steps PD…We are now taking our staff and some year 11 students through the process. Bring on more PDs like this one!

    Maree Macdonald
    Sacred Heart College
    Retreat Rd
    Vic. 3220

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