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This morning, the School Library Association of Victoria‘s Executive Officer, Mary Manning was interviewed on ABC Radio. She addressed the issue of the importance of governments funding the positions of teacher librarians, especially in this era of government spending in the area of new school libraries.

You can access the excellent interview here:

3 thoughts on “Life Matters interview

  1. Great interview from Mary Manning from School Library Association of Victoria. I think she is absolutely right. In country Victoria we are now getting students in Year 7 with no idea how to cite resources, some with no idea how to use the catalogue, some with limited internet skills, and this I believe is because we no longer have teacher-librarians in Primary Schools running the great porograms they did in the past that educated the students to think about their internet access, and appreciate great fiction. Bring back the Primary Teacher-Librarian, and see our students achieve more. Well done Mary.

  2. Great interview Mary. This was my exact query with all these wonderful libraries being built is what about the staffing to capitalise the new resources. Glad you have have put it in the public’s mind. No point buying a bookshelf from Ikea whithout getting the instructions!

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