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 Glenys Lowden, Head of Lowther Hall AGS’s LRC has developed a well-used blog for her students. A previous post explained how Glenys used a wiki for this topic, but on reflection of practicalities, she decided to change over to a blog. Glenys explains:

Lowther hall blog

The program is called Round Reading.  It was originally on a wiki, however I found I actually preferred the discussion aspect of the blog and I had successfully used this method in a Year 7 blog.  Students are divided into groups depending on the novel they chose.  They had a couple of weeks to read the novel and then are to post responses to questions which are outlined on each page.

Lowther hall blog 22

As you can see by the number and extent of student responses, this is a widely used blog which gives students a forum to discuss their thoughts on books studied. Well done Glenys!

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