Free professional learning for all Victorian teachers

Senior Project Officers at the Innovation and Next Practice Division of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have passed on this important message:

Attention: Victorian teachers in Government, Catholic and Independent schools

The Department is offering a program of free, online conferences during the pupil-free days from January 27- 29, 2010. We have 35 fantastic 60-minute sessions on offer! The program will cover the domains of Literacy, Maths, Science and ICT.

You can participate in these sessions from your own school via Elluminate. The only equipment you will need is a computer with an internet connection and a microphone headset.

Further details and registration information is available at:

Sessions on offer include:

Wednesday 27th January

–       Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: Reading in meaningful units

–       Delivering Environmental Sustainability into Classroom and Curriculum

–       Resources to Support ESL Students

–       Bringing Social Media and Web 2.0 into the Classroom

–       CREST: Creativity in Science and Technology with the Help of a Real, Live Scientist

–       Introduction to FUSE

–       Habitat Heroes: Environmental Awareness through Social Networking

–       Supporting Young People with Language Disorders and Literacy Difficulties in our Classrooms

–       Tips & Tricks with Microsoft OneNote

–       Engage your Students in Real Action for a Sustainable Future

Thursday 28th January

–       Going 1-to-1: Findings from the Netbook Trial

–       Integrating Maths across the Curriculum

–       LandLearn

–       Getting Started with Audio Podcasts

–       Inquiry Approaches for Teaching Abstract Concepts in Science

–       Getting Started with Video Podcasts

–       Creative Reading and

–       Strategies for Teaching Cybersafety and Ethics

–       Gaming & Social Networks in Science Education

–       Articul8 Maths

–       Prep Assessment Period: The English Online Interview

–       ePotential: What to do after you have taken the survey

–       Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: Early Visual Communication from Diagnosis

–       Using e5 with Professional Learning Teams

–       Nothing Rhymes with Poetry

Friday 29th January

–       Tips & Tricks with Microsoft Communicator & LiveMeeting

–       Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: ICT Strategies for Maths

–       Teaching Science in a Mixed Ability Classroom

–       Maths Is An Option – How Do We Make Students Opt For It?

–       Screencasting for Personalised Learning in Literacy and Numeracy

–       Multiliteracies at Museum Victoria: Science resources and much more

–       Combo Cards: Using Manipulatives in Maths

–       Using wikis in the classroom to support collaborative learning

–       Screen Literacy: Teaching with Digital tools and Multimodal Texts

–       Effective Chance and Data Investigations

As places are limited, you must gain approval from your principal and ensure you are available prior to registering for any session.

Anyone who has completed Elluminate training will be comfortable with using this technology.

5 thoughts on “Free professional learning for all Victorian teachers

  1. I’m a fan of Elluminate and I think online learning is great, but I am astonished at the Department’s timing with this initiative…
    Under the terms of the new agreement and in complete disregard of all that is known about effective models of professional learning, government schools are required to take all their curriculum days at the beginning of the year. These three days are the only time we can have all staff together for collaborative activities, and here they are sabotaging that by offering these courses, which siphon staff off into one-off activities with no follow-up support afterwards. Everyone knows that this type of PD achieves no change whatsoever!
    Lisa Hill, Mossgiel Park PS

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    • Here is some information re online PD:

      Spread the word among your colleagues about our new monthly professional learning series called ‘Monthly ESL Matters’. And for those of you that joined our weekly Tech-Talk Tuesday sessions last year, you’ll be pleased to see that they are back on the calendar for Term 1, 2010.

      TERM 1 EVENTS:

      · Wednesday 24th February – Monthly ESL Matters: Identifying the needs of ESL students, presented by Anita Calore (ESL Unit)

      · Thursday 25 February – “Introduction to Netbooks in Classrooms”, presented by Brendan Hogan, Angela Gray, Alison Schneider and Sam Hazel

      · Monday 1 March – “Classroom Video Production – Part 2: Post-production and editing”, presented by Brendan O’Brien (Hume Region)

      · Tuesday 2 March – “Tech Talk Tuesdays: What a Bright Idea – Blogs for professional networking”, presented by Judith Way and Anne Mirtschin

      · Thursday 4 March – “Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2007”, presented by Ben Walters (Microsoft Corporation)

      · Tuesday 9 March – “Prep Assessment Period: The English Online Interview”, presented by Victoria Hall

      · Tuesday 9 March – “Tech-Talk Tuesdays: Building a Digital Classroom”, presented by Anne Mirtschin

      · Tuesday 16 March – “Gaming and Social Networks in Education”, presented by Adrian Camm (McGuire College)

      · Tuesday 16 March – “Tech-Talk Tuesdays: The Power of Mobile Technology in Learning”, presented by Louise Duncan (Shepparton High School) and Anne Mirtschin

      · Thursday 18 March – “Introduction to Microsoft Communicator and LiveMeeting”, presented by Jonathan Spellman (Microsoft Corporation)

      · Tuesday 23 March – “Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Educators”, presented by Narissa Leung (Loddon Mallee Region)

      · Wednesday 24 March – “Monthly ESL Matters: Reporting and Assessment for ESL students”, presented by Janet Saker and Daina Coles (ESL Unit)

      · Thursday 25 March – “Global Projects with iEARN”, presented by Rob King (Gippsland Region)

      · (Term 1 Holidays) Tuesday 30 March – “Tech-Talk Tuesdays: What is needed to bring education into the 21st Century?”, Discussion group facilitated by Anne Mirtschin

      Looking forward to seeing you again soon in the Virtual Conference Centre!

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