Wallwisher is quite a useful tool for both classroom teaching and feedback from whole school professional development/staff meetings.


Anything you can do with Post It notes can be replicated in Wallwisher. Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) provides some great examples of how Wallwisher can be used in the classroom.


Wallwisher seems like it could be another very useful and easy to use tool.

14 thoughts on “Wallwisher

  1. I absolutely love this site! I came across it a few weeks ago, but hadn’t devoted a bunch of time to coming up with educational links — thank you for the list of ways to us it in the classroom!

    • The feedback stations we always use at PD sessions are taken back to school and looked at by some and then…. fall apart. Wallwisher is a way to keep a record of this feedback in a more permanent way.

  2. Since I love post-it notes, I really like your comparison of them to wall wisher! What a great idea to use for PD. I have to plan some workshops and I will keep this in mind. Thanks!

  3. I used Wallwisher today with my middle school students who are doing a unit on brainstorming. Each student posted a list of ideas to the class wall. Everyone engaged and actively posting ideas to the wall.

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  6. I can really see great ideas with this having watched the tips above. Starting a classic book unit – might be a good way to introduce the topic – what defines a classic book… need to do some peer teaching – perhaps I could try using this…. Lousie

  7. I will give it a go tomorrow by inviting each of the students in my first L3 library class of the day to name their favourite read of the year so far and the next class to add to it AS WELL AS using it as a list of recommendations – ditto the 3rd L3 class of the day.
    The first L2 library classe will be invited to post what information books they like to read plus their call numbers – the second L2 class will use it instead of the SUBJECT CARDS they use to help them locate information bks they are interested in…recording the information themselves & seeing it projected on the large
    screen will make an interesting change. I like especially the opportunity for everyone to know/read everyone else-es response, contribution – i.e I am not the audience anymore.

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