Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Andrew Churches has developed this fantastic interpretation of Bloom’s taxonomy for the digital era.


His wiki also contains a number of PDFs that include more information about the taxonomy as well as comprehensive presentations.

This chart, which features on the wiki, is an excellent ready reference for you to see how tasks such as commenting on blogs fits into Bloom’s taxonomy.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Concept map

There is much more to explore in this informative and broad wiki. Thank you to Andrew for permission to feature his wiki here.

4 thoughts on “Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

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  2. Thanks for the post on Bloom’s Taxonomy. It’s an incredibly popular paradigm for teaching thinking skills. However, it’s also outdated. Yes, it’s been updated by a few researchers over the years, but these updates have only tweaked the model and have not accounted for cutting-edge research about teaching and learning. I recently wrote a short article for ASCD Express on the need to “upgrade” from Bloom’s:

    As educators, we haven’t been clear in OUR thinking about what thinking is. I’ve had an opportunity to study under Dr. Derek Cabrera, an educational theorist who has studied thinking, knowledge, and how we build ideas for the past 20 years. His work has resulted in the DSRP Method, a way to teach thinking skills within the context of ANY lesson, with any student, in any grade. For teachers using the DSRP Method, it’s changing the way they teach and the way their students see the world.

    I would encourage educators who are interested in thinking skills (hopefully all educators!) to check out the DSRP Method online at:

    There’s also a free course about the research behind the theory available at:

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