It is time to start thinking about Libraryhack, the amazing competition to create mashups and applications open to individuals or teams. This would be a fantastic competition for media students, or any students to partake in that show an interest in creating mashups and apps.

Competitors use data from participating libraries. These libraries include State Library of Victoria (SLV), State Library of South Australia, State Library of Queensland, State Library of Tasmania, State Library of Western Australia, State Library of New South Wales, National Library of Australia, and the National Library of New Zealand/Digital NZ. Datasets will be available from the Australian Government data repository, the New Zealand Government data repository, and through Digital NZ.

The ideas competition in now running.

The ideas competition runs from 8th February – 30th April 2011. The winning prize is $1000 for the best idea for a mashup or app.  All entries in this category must suggest using at least one dataset or content from at least one dataset, from one of the participating libraries. The datalists below are provided by Libraryhack to inspire entries in the ideas competition. SLV’s datasets are listed first. As the datasets become available a link will appear in the list.

Libraryhack - data

The Libraryhack competition will be held in May.

There will be mashup and hack events held across Australia. Check the Libraryhack website, or follow Libraryhack on twitter for venues near you. In Victoria, SLV is hosting ‘Libraryhack’:

When: Fri 20 – Sat 21 May, 10.30am – 5.30pm
Where: State Library of Victoria, Experimedia.
Tickets: Free, bookings required

You will be able to access SLV’s library collection content and data in order to remix and create a new application, digital story, image, or other new content. These can then be entered into the libraryhack competition. Reminders will be posted closer to the event.

If you are unsure what a mashup, hack, or app looks like, check out the resources offered on the Libraryhack site.


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