Collate resources into lessons with MentorMob

The internet is an incredibly deep learning resource and it seems that you can find tutorials, readings and guides for just about any topic. MentorMob aims to help you organise all of these resources from the web into structured lessons.

MentorMob lets you organise web sites, pictures and videos into a playlist to create a lesson. Students can view the resources in the designated order and skip back and forth between each resource.

An example of a MentorMob lesson

The playlist displays in your browser (see this example lesson about using MentorMob). The lesson can also be embedded in your blog as we’ve done below.

While MentorMob seems to serve a similar purpose to Diigo’sPlay as web slides‘ feature (available in the lists view) it does look like a promising site for collating resources into a structured lesson. Being able to embed playlists also makes for a neat, self contained resource. We’ll be interested to see the quality of publically available lessons┬áput together by MentorMob’s users.

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