Pets and Animals

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for our SLAV online Book Club on Wednesday May 15th, 2024, to discuss the topic: Pets and Animals. There are so many iconic books featuring animals that we were absolutely inundated with book recommendations from many attendees, which is always a good sign! We had everything from pet dogs, to horses and wolves, to dingoes and whales, and pirate’s parrots. We even had some pets join our session; two cats and four dogs.

Our lovely members really brought their all with a flood of recommendations, with many new texts suggested alongside some classics and little-known titles. It was so lovely to hear the experiences shared between members who’d read the same books.

We absolutely encourage you to reach out to the wonderful Deb at The Younger Sun as an invaluable resource, for further information and recommendations. The staff at The Younger Sun are incredibly knowledgeable!

Disclaimer: The lists generated as a result of Book Club discussions are not, by any means, an exhaustive list of all titles or authors for each genre/category discussed. Nor will all titles be suitable for all libraries. We advise staff discretion when referencing these lists, to properly confirm individual title suitability for individual libraries, school and student’s needs. These are suggested titles only, shared by our members and inclusion on, or exclusion from, a list does not suggest SLAV endorsement or rejection of a title.

Picture Books:

Tough Boris – Mem Fox

Junior Fiction/Middle Grade:

Redwall – Brian Jacques

Toby Alone – Timothee de Fombelle

Grimmelings – Rachael King

Wolves of Greycoat Hall – Lucinda Gifford

Tweet – Morris Gleitzman

Tyger – S.F. Said’

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief – A. F. Steadman

Kip of the Mountain – Emma Gourlay

I Am Rebel – Ross Montgomery

Tiny Dogs – Rose Lihou

Love That Dog – Sharon Creech

The Way of Dog – Zana Fraillon

October October – Katya Balen

Silver Brumby – Elyne Mitchell

Call of the Wild – Jack London

White Fang – Jack London

Runt – Craig Silvey

Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White

One and Only Ivan – K.A. Applegate

Grace and Mr Milligan

Marley and Me – John Grogan

A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron

Tale of Despereaux – Kate DiCamillo

Finding Bear – Hannah Gold

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Paws by Kate Foster

Peggy and Molly – Juliette Wells

Pawcasso – Remi Lai

Honey and the Valley of Horses – Wendy Orr

Funny Folktales

Unlikely Friendships – Jennifer S. Holland

Penguin Bloom – Cameron Bloom

Until the Road Ends – Phil Earle

Bad Guys – Aaron Blabey

Real Pigeons – Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Deborah Abela – The Kindness Project

Cora Seen and Heard – Zanni Louise

The Apprentice Witnesser – Bren Macdibble

A Small Collection of Happinesses – Zana Fraillon

Blueback – Tim Winton


Cozy Reading Dogs” by Enokson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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