PBS teachers

PBS teachers is a website devoted to learning and teaching brought to you by the US television network PBS.

PBS teachers

There is an incredible amount of teacher resources here and they are not all US based. There are many online resources for those of us outside the USA to use. Organised by level:

  • Pre K,
  • K-2,
  • 3-5,
  • 6-8,
  • 9-12

and then by the subjects

  • The Arts,
  • Health and Fitness,
  • Maths,
  • Reading and Language Arts,
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies.

There are classroom resources, discussions and information on forthcoming and recent professional development.

The site is attractive and well organised and there is sure to be something to suit just about everyone. Featured initiatives such as ‘Raising readers’ that links to stories and reading activities and the PBS video portal that collects shows broadcast on PBS (these ARE available to people outside the US, unlike the BBC iPlayer) are other useful aspects of the site.

Also, see this School Library Journal article: PBS, NASA partner to help educators with climate change lessons.  PBS teachers is a very useful site for teacher resources.

Twitter gains PM’s approval

From Inspired (UK) comes the following article:

Twitter gains respectability

The PM Gordon Brown has saluted the global implications of twitter. Because of it, he suggests, international relations will never be the same again. Meanwhile, schools and young people using twitter have access to an extraordinary range of famous people through such sites as celebritytweet. More usefully, students are recommended to consider picking up on relevant environmental tweets, distinguishable thanks to the increasing use of hash tags. A great twitter opportunity on this theme is this December’s Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. Meanwhile, more immediate feedback on environmental issues of the day can be read via @ecointernet on twitter.

Some excellent ideas about the use of Twitter in classrooms and plenty of time to plan and gain any permission necessary for students to participate in December’s Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.