Sendible says it is “the complete messaging platform”. What Sendible does is 

Connect with all your email, mobile and social network contacts even when you’re away from the computer

  •  Schedule email, sms and social network messages ahead of time
  •  Access all your email and social network contacts from one place
  •  Remind yourself and others of upcoming tasks and events
  •  Post status updates to your blogging and social network accounts


Sendible has a range of free and paid accounts to select from.


Plurk is a tool that enables members to have an online social conversation with multiple friends. You can join conversations by topic, or use the micro blogging tool to send ‘plurks’ which use a maximum of 140 characters (like Twitter). Updates from friends are shown on your page as a timeline in chronological order.



Plurk’s aim is to introduce a balance between blogs and wikis, instant messaging and email. Users of the micro blogging tool use verbs to explain how they are feeling.



There is a great wiki that lists schools and other educational institutions that are using Plurk. The wiki provides links to the projects that the schools are undertaking, and currently there are at least seven Australian schools, with three of those from Victoria. Many of the projects linked to the wiki are outstanding and definitely worth investigating. If you like the sound of Plurk and you’d like to learn more about how it works, click here.