IFLA satellite conference: the future of school librarianship

Helen Boelens, from the ENSIL Foundation (European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy) has kindly passed on the following information that readers will be interested in:

On 9 August, an IFLA satellite conference about the future of school librarianship took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. This conference was organised by Swedish school librarians and was attended by approximately 100 colleagues from all over the world. Discussions were held and presentations were made about the future of school librarianship at local, European and international level. Speakers included Dr. Ross Todd and Dr. Lesley Farmer.

Perhaps you are interested in what took place! The event has been podcasted by our Norwegian colleague Niels Damgaard, so that school librarians from across the world can learn more about what took place. The first 3 presentations are about the situation in Sweden (where they have a new School Library Law), the other presentations are European and International presentations including a new one by Dr. Ross Todd. You may access the ning here.

Screen shot 2010-08-21 at 6.57.47 AM

Please note: The podcast appears on the Nordic NING which contains information in Nordic languages and also English. Please don’t be deterred by this – the podcast of the conference is in English.

Lots of information for all of us who are concerned about the future of school libraries and school librarianship.