Helen Boelens has kindly informed Bright Ideas about eTTcampus. eTTcampus is a ‘pilot site of the eLearning initiatives of the eTTcampus Project.’ Although primarily designed for European education communities, anyone can join eTTcampus.

The website explains more:

The new eTTCampus 2.0 project aims at consolidating the European Virtual Campus created in the previous project (ettcampus, see learning events) for teachers and trainers as a reference of new ICT trends and tools in education, opening it to a wider and multi-level target audience, transforming the campus into a social eLearning environment (elearning 2.0), integrating mentoring services and ensuring the campus as a reference of a knowledge management network of “ICT in education and training” professionals.

eTT campus

 More information from the site explains:

The eTTCampus has set up, developed and consolidated a European Virtual Campus for teachers and trainers. On the virtual campus, teachers and trainers can directly compare experiences on the pedagogical use of ICT and learn through context-based work. This virtual agora and learning space will develop teachers’ and trainers’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the pedagogical, critical and responsible use of ICT for learning purpose.

This campus is intended for the teacher and trainer community in Europe but we also welcome colleagues from all over the world. Our aim is to provide teachers and trainers with tools and skills to help them use ICT in their teaching. At the campus you can find resources as well as the opportunity to participate in learning events concerned with different aspects of ICT.

We provide a collaborative platform that provides teachers and trainers with a resource  that encourages the exchange of knowledge and experiences between peers. By contributing to the resources of this campus, we can together identify key questions and make recommendations.

The Learning Events range from familiarising yourself with the idea of eLearning to maintaining your own eLearning environment. You can start with “Getting Started” where you will be introduced to the concept of eLearning including various models and approaches, discuss strengths and weaknesses and impact on practice. “ePedagogy” focuses on Implementing eLearning concepts through the use of different learning theories. For a more advanced teacher, the “eTechnologies” Learning events (eTechnologies (should be called eTools), Mobile Learning and Open Source) provide ideas for teachers to use different technologies, to design courses by choosing the appropriate ones and to provide tools and concepts connected to ICT for eLearning.

In addition to these there are two more general LEs that underlie all of the LEs. “eCompetencies”introduces the Teacher and Trainer community in Europe to the concept and practice of the competency-based approach to learning and development, and assists them in using a competency framework to review, evaluate and adapt their current programmes where appropriate. The “Accessibility – Equal communication and materials in eLearning” LE, on the other hand, provides teachers with some tools and knowledge on how to make eLearning more accessible to all learners.

600 teachers and trainers currently  within the community.

eTTcampus is a joint project between the University of Greenwich, the University of SurreyEDEN (European Distance and eLearning Netowrk), ISFOLSCIENTER, UPC- BARCELONA TECH and EIfEL (European Institute for ELearning).  As trends for 2010 have predicted users of social media will reevaluate the tools they have been using and decide what works and what doesn’t? Consider sticking with the tools you know, like and use and really begin using them in a reflective manner for pedagogical success. eTTcampus gives users the opportunity to network with educators from around the world to discuss projects and pedagogies in perhaps a deeper manner than ever before.

Note that some online courses have been completed, however, members are still able to complete the courses as all information and resources are still available on the eTTcampus site.