Social Media Reading List for School Leaders

Hans Mundahl is an American “educator working in experiential learning and technology”. He has developed a YouTube video and accompanying wikis to build a remarkable resource for developing social media learning in schools.

As his Social Medi Read List wiki explains,

The idea for this page is to build a ‘best of the web’ reading / watching list for school leadership regarding using social media for school advancement. Rather than talk about how great social media is we’re using social media to build this reading list. Articles will fall into one of these topic areas:

  • What is this stuff: Simple explanations for common social media tools
  • Making the Case: Does social media really matter?
  • iPhone: Making the case for bringing your message to hand held devices, in particular the iPhone.
  • Joys & Concerns: Case studies of successful and unsuccessful social media engagement.
  • Good Models: Effective blogging, tweeting, FB’ing school administrators.
  • Next Steps: What steps should schools be taking next?

Anyone who is interested in social media and wanting to introduce it to a wider range of teachers at their school will find the video and wiki useful, informative and persuasive. The wiki is a particularly good resource as all educators are invited to edit and add content to it.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Reading List for School Leaders

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  2. Thank you so much for this post! One of the amazing parts of making this little video and wiki has been connecting with folks around the world to talk more about it!

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  4. This is such a great resource! Thanks for passing this along. It is always great when people take the time to put all of the great tools for teachers to use in one place for everyone to use. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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